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Suddenly, Anthropomorphized

It was mentioned during the videos that we briefly considered de-Kirbifying the series to try and reinvent the storyline by other means. Amika and Kaz offered us quite a bit of very wonderful art for the idea, but it could not be fluffed out further during our dev cycles.

Here is a sampling of what it would've looked it.

Kamus (KW) with Nilavega, who was a KWRPGIII character. (Sorry it's a bit small, I lost the original.) This captured what we thought was the aesthetic we could get, where we'd have the look and feel of Kirby with more fleshed out tones. I called the aesthetic "star punk" in style, like steampunk but with sparkles. Art by Amika. (Really, just about anything Amika does these days can be classified as starpunk. She's amazing like that.)

Kamus (KW) with Avlein and LDM (because they're totally in this game, you guys, seriously). Also Carbon, who was intended to be Dancing's first summonable character. By Kaz.

Ahmus (WK) looking quite dignified for a crazy person. By Kaz.

PMG, with battle-ready puffy sleeves, somehow. Unsurprisingly little change needed here. By Kaz.