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KPO Video Archive

As KPO is no longer online, listed here is all the archival video of KPO we have on file. They predate the recorded LP in 02013 and were made during KPO's online service period, circa 02008. Accordingly, they all adhere to that period of internet video streaming quality: low resolution and quite blurry.

Most video files only focus on the gameplay portion of the KPO interface. Not included are the other portions of the interface, such as the player chat.

Monster World (Old Airship Version)

Monster World was an arena-style gauntlet where players could grind up points for custom signs and other player housing items. This version of Monster World was the one found on the first version of the KPO Airship.

Battle Tournament

Recorded here was a sparring match in one of the PVP arenas.

Dance Party

A house party held in one of Quaint Quasar's player housing units. MIDI files of... various... qualities... are streamed over an ingame radio.

Conference Room Grand Opening

"Conference Rooms" were a new invention that allowed for players to freely and cooperatively construct custom structures. The first one was made in the Serene Snows Town Hotel. This video is believed to be taken from its grand opening. Terrible life choices ensued.

Flourish Forest Enroute to Lavish Lake

A walkthrough of Lavish Lake from the outset of Flourish Forest Town, one of the longer adventure arenas.

"There was a lot of demand from the playerbase to add in projectile attacks to KPO prior to this video. At the time I couldn't figure out how to program that functionality into KPO's extremely rudimentary combat system. When I did end up figuring out how to make that work, I snuck it into this video as a surprise to eagle-eyed viewers." - Avlein

Monster World (New Airship)

A runthrough of the second version of Monster World, added with the second KPO Airship. Avlein runs through the multiple rooms and stands off against the boss at the end.