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KPO2 (Beta) Video Archive

"KPO2" was the last major revision of the MMO near the end of its activity period. It was a major revision of the engine which eliminated grid-based movement in favour of pixel-based movement, as well as overhauls of the core combat system.

"The initial conceit for KPO2 was to strip away all the bloat and fat that was caked around the previous versions. At the time of KPO1's conception, "icon games" or building-style games were the dominant genre on BYOND at the time, where the players would roam around a rather aimless sandbox and place tiles to create things. I wanted to steer KPO2 away from that and make it into a more focused platformer adventure game ala Castlevania or Kirby's Amazing Mirror." - Avlein

Tan Tropics Walkthrough

A walkthrough of the first new adventure area under the new system.

Tan Tropics was originally one of the oldest zones in KPO, predating most of the previous version's major systems, leading it to be cut upon the arrival of the second airship.

"This video was meant to showcase the new direction the level designs were going for KPO2. Instead of the original's more scattershot approach to platforms and cliffs, I instead made the maps using more simplistic geometry but denser with content. Every map attempted to give the player a sense of flow and direction, to compliment the more robust pixel movement system that was being implemented with the game. More open spaces for dashing, jumping and swan diving. As well as obstacles to bust open with the players' faster attacks." - Avlein

First Look

The original video announcing the engine overhaul.

"KPO2's main innovation was to removal of the archaic grid-based movement and chunky combat that plagued the original like a cancerous wart. With @X Kirby 's help, much of the underlying systems for KPO2 was overhauled to be more fluid and understandable to the player. Players could move and jump with momentum and air control like a modern platformer (at the time) and string together a three-hit combo attack with decent timing as well as guard and do aerial attacks. Not only that, combos could end with either a straight knockback smash, a launching uppercut or a ground splat. Combat was a strangely popular thing back in the original version, so deepening that aspect was a no-brainer." - Avlein

Gimmick Showcase

A showcase of the new stage gimmicks included with the new engine.

"KPO was a game that revolved around level gimmicks. From its inception, the original game had things like springs, spikes, launching tornadoes, extremely buggy slippery ice and crumbling platforms. KPO2 sought to keep these aspects alive but also standardize a large portion of it. Adding things that could easily be placed into new levels with little hassle was a huge part of trying to get KPO2 off the ground and into a proper development cycle." - Avlein

Engine Differences

For a comparison, this is the how KPO played when the new version of Tan Tropics was back-ported into the old engine.