KWRPG Platformer Online

KWRPG Platformer Online (KPO), alternatively Kirby Platformer Online, was the massively-multiplayer RPG (MMORPG) run by the KWRPG community. It no longer has any active servers, but had an active period between 02007 and 02011. During that time, it was the primary social hub of KWRPG.

Its various iterations were programmed by Avlein (lead programmer), KW, DB, and X. Primary server host was Electric. Game master and event planner was MW.

What follows are the archival pages of the KPO website, preserved as it was for historical purposes. Most of the links to active servers and other such will no longer function.

Game Screenshots

How to Play

KPO is a massively multiplayer online platform game in the vein of Castlevania and Metroid. The aim is less away from frantic action and more towards exploring the open world and interacting with a team to easily traverse otherwise dangerous terrain.

KPO uses the BYOND engine. Sign up there and use your account to log on. You may check to see if the game is online and ready for joining here. (Archival Link)

When you first log on, it will take a few minutes to download all the needed resources for the game. However, after you have done this once, all logins thereafter will forgo the downloading while keeping the files you already have.

All that summed up:

  • Register at BYOND-dot-com.
  • Download the BYOND client program.
  • Log in.
  • Go to the game page to check for online sessions.
  • Join in.
  • If you have not joined before, the game will download to your BYOND folder. It's about 60-70MB. Once downloaded, it will never need to download again.

Player Controls: Walking

Player Controls: Jumping

Player Controls: Dashing

Player Controls: Dash Distance

Player Controls: Viewport

Player Controls: Attacking

Before you play, make sure to use the commands "make short range" and "make long range" in the commands tab to customize your sound effects.

Inventory Items

The Warpglobe: The most important item of the game. Use it to warp back to the airship. You get this item from clearing the tutorial stage.

The Warpglobe

Cell Phone: Enables private messages with other players. You get this item from clearing the tutorial stage.

Cell Phone

Food: Restores HP. Comes in all sorts of types and dishes! Each dish restores a different amount of HP.


Furniture: Use to decorate your house. Available in stores.


Music Track: In case something happens to the music playing, play this to replace it. Can be bought in the Airship.

Music Track

Confrence Pass: Used to gain access to conference room in the Serene Snows Hotel. Can be bought inside.

Confrence Pass

Passport: Used to gain access to one of the towns in Quaint Quasar. Found nearby, but be sure to speak with Mr. UFO before going out to find it.


Blank Book: Free-use stationary that can be placed like furniture. Once placed, others may read it. For sale in Flourish Forest.

Blank Book

Custom Food: Cookable food that you can make yourself. For sale in Lavish Lake.

Custom Food

Custom Sign: Acts like normal furniture, however it is customizable in every way. Can be bought in select stores.

Custom Sign

Player Housing

If you see a custom sign hanging on a house, odds are it is a Blank House Sign. If it is unclaimed, you can claim it for yourself, and that house is yours. Inside, you can drop furniture items to place them and arrange them as you wish.

Cool looking houses tend to become good hang-out spots for other players. Design it well and you're up for a lot of flattery. Likewise, you can also turn your house into a storefront for selling your own blends of Custom Food.

Unless you're a KPO staff member, do not claim more than two houses. Do not drop furniture in other player's houses. Blank Signs tend dupe themselves, so do not claim any signs if any signs in a stack are already claimed. Houses must be furnished upon claiming, otherwise the GMs will evict the owner.

Conversely, confrence rooms are public building areas that everyone can build in. Limited building areas also exist, but any furniture in said areas will be lost when the server resets.

  • Airship District: 3 Houses, Small-Medium. 6 Apartments, Small. Shopping, Food, and Medic access. (Item Banker sometimes)
  • Airship Deck: 2 Cabins, Medium.
  • Flourish Forest Town: 4 Houses, Large. Shopping and Medic access. (Item Banker sometimes)
  • Lavish Lake Town: 5 Houses, Very Large. Food access. (Shopping and Item Banker sometimes)
  • Serene Snows: 2 Houses, Small. 3 Igloos, Small. 6 Hotel Rooms, Small. Confrence Room, Open Building. Shopping Access. (Medic, Food, and Item Banker sometimes.)
  • QQSTATION: 6 Apartments, Medium. Shopping Access. (Medic, Food, and Item Banker sometimes.)
  • The Pyramid: 3 Corridors, Varying Sizes.
  • Desolate Island: Confrence Room, Open Building. Shopping Access. (Item Banker sometimes)
  • Desolate Reef: Confrence Room, Limited Building. MW Special
  • Desolate Sands: Confrence Room, Limited Building. MW Special
  • Blockfort: Confrence Room, Limited Building. MW Special
Furniture Catalogue

Airship Furniture Set

“We of the airship shopping district are tied to the wall of our service of making you furniture bolted to the floor.”

— KPO Airship Shopping Centre

Forest Furniture Set

“Hand crafted lumberware not found anywhere else (where there aren't any trees)!”

— Kirra's Forest Shop

Mountain Furniture Set

“We'll make that snowman for you, you lazy ass.”

— Frosty's Mountain Bar

Desert Furniture Set

“These really belong in a museum, but we'll sell them to you anyway.”

— Desert Dunes Market

Outer Space Furniture Set

“Just because there is no air in space doesn't mean some oxygen is still good!”


Retro Furniture Set


— ???

Classic Furniture Set

“Appearently, the game designers haven't deleted me yet.”

— KPO Classic Shopkeep

World Map

KPO World Map

Alternate User Interfaces

These are custom Graphical User Interfaces to apply to your own copy of KPO. To install them, extract the compressed folder, copy contents from the download location, log onto KPO, right click on the window and select the Edit Skin option, paste in the items, and restart the game.

New KPO Classic Skin, by Electric
Download Download as RAR, 258 KB

Flexible Size

KPO Ergonomic, by MW
Download Download as 7Z, 1.66 KB

Fixed Size at 720 by 640

DMI Library

Wanna log on, but don't like the default Kirby sprite assigned to all new users? Well, use one of these to try something different.

Some of these are multiple files compressed into one, so use a decompression program like 7zip to extract them.

Furniture for Custom Signs

The Start-Your-Own-Shop Kit

The Start-Your-Own-Shop Kit

Drawica Paintings Set

Drawica Paintings Set

Basic Book Set

Basic Book Set

Library Wallpaper

Library Wallpaper

Mystic Blue Wallpaper

Mystic Blue Wallpaper

Teddy Bear Set

Teddy Bear Set

Basic Trophy Set

Basic Trophy Set | (Alternate Version)

Archival Video

Video files from the KPO time period may be found here and here.